A college dropout who was drafted to serve his country, Doug Warden was barely 20 years old when he arrived in Vietnam in 1967 as a Private First Class. He was “green as a gourd” in the ways of warfare, but he stayed alive, listened and learned from his platoon leader and became a capable leader. He was first a rifleman, then a few days later, a radio telephone operator for his platoon leader and then for his company commander. He gave up the relative safety of serving in the company command post to return to his platoon. He became a squad leader, platoon sergeant, and platoon leader in a remarkable short period of time. He would return to the states a staff sergeant with 5 months time in grade. Along the way, Doug became one of the most decorated soldiers in the 1st Battalion, 12th Cavalry.

This is a story of the human experience in wartime.  It follows a young man’s growth from a boy to manhood in Vietnam.